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IMAGE Chartered Accountants in North Wales Advise on How to Best Retain Your Staff
If you’re a company owner and are seeking a tax-efficient way to incentivize and retain your employees, you should consider one of the HMRC approved share plans. Typically targeted at selected employees with unique or scarce skills, a HMRC approved share plan can be an excellent tool to both incentivize and retain employees you really can’t do without. We’ve spoken to accountants...
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IMAGE HMRC Is Increasing Penalties on Offshore Gains
HMRC have announced that undeclared overseas income and assets are going to be penalised at a far higher rate after the first of October 2018.
Until the 1st of October, there is an amnesty period for taxpayers to declare offshore income (Including income gained in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and the Republic of Ireland) and gains under HMRC’s “Requirement to Correct&rd...
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IMAGE For incorrect VAT payments talk to an Accountant in North Wales.
Should you ever be in the unenviable situation where you’ve overpaid your VAT contribution, you may feel a little fraught. It can be a scary time to have overpaid. You may think that it is impossible to claim the money back from HMRC, or at best like pulling teeth (from a crocodile.) HMRC are absolutely notorious for clinging on to everything paid in (even if wrongly) and it can feel like th...
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IMAGE Make Sure You Have A Good Accountant With Tax Disputes
It has been disclosed that HM Revenue and Customs disputes throughout 2015 and 2016 have ended with nearly half of all cases being resolved against the tax man.
Research by the Telegraph into officially released figures as part of HMRC’s annual report have indicated that for many, the taxman is not the ultimate authority any longer. Therefore, in matters of knowing what exactly is rig...
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IMAGE What Does the Autumn Budget Mean for your Tax?
Phillip Hammond’s first financial budget has been and gone, and all controversy aside, most have been hailing it as the “safe” option, which is “best of a worst situation.” As with most budgets, some tend to disagree, but most are left wondering how the announcement is set to change their business, and the way that they do things. Thanks to Salisburys Chartered Accoun...
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